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Recession Proofing Your Business: Have Your Marketing Talent and Capital Improvements, Too

Everyone knows about the potential cost benefits of timeshares; some know about fractional ownership of private aircraft, but few know about a cost savings option in marketing: an outsourced CMO. The benefits of an outsourced CMO are readily apparent: Access to strategic vision and planning that may be beyond the financial means of many [...]

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Boost Employee Engagement with Culture and Communication

Employee engagement is frequently covered in the news media as a conundrum with no ready solution. Today’s fragmented workforce – remote, hybrid, in-office or a blend of all three – defies traditional engagement practices, which were created to meet the needs of a workforce that no longer exists. The Quell Group offers [...]

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Beyond the Logo – Creating True Value Behind Your Brand

When developing a new brand from the ground up, most people get so wrapped up in the logo design that they forget what is behind their brand. While your logo plays a vital role in how people perceive and remember your brand, it’s only a small component of a much larger brand strategy. Branding goes [...]

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Capture Market Share During a Recession

The COVID-19 pandemic is waning, leaving a trail of economic uncertainty in its wake. Supply chains continue to face bottlenecks, and the resulting stall in getting supplies to manufacturers is having a domino effect on production across many markets. Combine that with increases in fuel prices for shipping goods that are passed on to [...]

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Engage New Employees with Immersive Onboarding Experiences

The remote and hybrid workforces that became a matter of business survival during the pandemic are here to stay. With the majority of new employee interviews being held virtually, some of those employees will never set foot in the physical workplace. For HR professionals, this change in workforce hiring logistics necessitates [...]

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Drive Marketing Results with QR Codes

The time for QR codes has come…again. Relegated to the scrap heap of tech that was ahead of its time, these quirky black-and-white cubes were resurrected during the pandemic, when society needed a touchless way to communicate. They first started appearing in cute little frames on restaurant dining tables. A quick scan with your smartphone [...]

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A New Approach to In-Person Events

In-person industry events are making a welcome comeback, with 2023 viewed for the return to pre-pandemic levels of participation. The pandemic forced the event industry to pivot – fast – to create 100% virtual events. While not nearly the same as in-person events with the spontaneity of conversations or the opportunity to experience products [...]

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