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Marketing during, dare we call it a recession: An Opportunity, Not an Expense

The COVID-19 pandemic, burgeoning unemployment, a drop in manufacturing production and of course spending has certainly raised the discussion regarding marketing during a recession. Problems associated with the pandemic notwithstanding, no one wants the added pressure of marketing in a recession. Typically, the survival playbook is activated, a wait-and-see attitude takes over and, [...]

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Connecting to Customers in the ‘New Normal’

Since the pandemic back in March, there has been much discussion regarding and what is the best strategy for companies to convey their key messages, product launches, corporate news, if at all, during the COVID-19 crisis. Certainly a few things have changed. Getting Your News Out Early on most companies rightly deferred distributing [...]

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Quell-Inspired Emojis Help Us Celebrate #EmojiDay

What happens when your messages need some extra pizzazz, or spice, or fun? Add emojis! 🔥🤩🎉 Although the silly, supplemental symbols are relatively new in the digital age, these characters have made a lasting impression. From multiple variations of laughing to showing mega-frustration, emojis capture a user’s feelings in a fun way, whether subtle and [...]

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The Show Must (and Will!) Go On

Mega shows AAPEX/SEMA still on schedule for November With the country attempting to open up and adapt to the ‘new normal’, some industry shows and conferences remain determined to proceed, albeit in a different fashion. AAPEX and SEMA, scheduled for early November in Las Vegas, feature the largest gathering of automotive aftermarket companies [...]

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Use Account-Based Retargeting to Reach B2B Decision Makers & Influencers

Buying decisions in the business-to-business (B2B) world are almost never made by one single individual. They typically involve multiple decision makers and influencers at various levels within a company, and the processes and rules around how decisions are made are often opaque even within the company itself. The challenge is that research for B2B products [...]

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8 Reasons to Hire an Agency for Social Media Management

Social Media continues to grow as a convenient and effective way to stay digitally connected with products and brands and become acquainted with new brands.A brand’s online presence, particularly on social media, is a key contributor to its success. Especially among B2C brands and more-and-more today with B2B, social serves as a [...]

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