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Add Impact to Marketing Communications with Animation

Animation is an endearing and memorable way to establish a connection and resonate with viewers. The medium is as familiar as the playgrounds of our childhoods. From the enchanting works of Disney to the raunchy adult humor of The Simpsons and Family Guy – animation has the ability to capture our complete attention and keep [...]

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6 SEO Top Tips for Boosting Search Through Better Web Content

As we assist clients with content creation for webpages and longform content like blog articles, we have identified a list of key considerations for search engine optimization (SEO). Listed below are 6 of our top tips for SEO. Keywords are King! Pages should be produced with key messages and users in [...]

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Have Your Marketing Talent and Capital Improvements, Too

Why outsourcing your top marketing staff makes sense in many cases Everyone knows about the potential benefits of timeshares. Some know about fractional ownership of private aircraft, but few know about a recent trend in marketing: an outsourced CMO. On consideration, however, the benefits of an outsourced CMO are readily apparent: Access [...]

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Time to Rebrand? Find Out With Quell’s ’11 Signs’

As Michigan’s foremost branding company, we have been in a unique position to execute branding strategies for many different companies during the past 26 years. While every situation is different, we've uncovered 11 unmistakable signs that it’s time to rebrand. Several previews are below. 1. Your Logo is Dated [...]

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Unlocking the True Power of Your Brand

The Quell Group specializes in helping companies unlock the true power of their brand with its Unknot. Align. Market.® method. Using this rigorous process, Quell helps businesses unknot their value, align with constituents and more effectively market to those they depend on for success. While deceptively simple, Quell’s method is decidedly [...]

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Marketing during, dare we call it a recession: An Opportunity, Not an Expense

The COVID-19 pandemic, burgeoning unemployment, a drop in manufacturing production and of course spending has certainly raised the discussion regarding marketing during a recession. Problems associated with the pandemic notwithstanding, no one wants the added pressure of marketing in a recession. Typically, the survival playbook is activated, a wait-and-see attitude takes over and, [...]

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Connecting to Customers in the ‘New Normal’

Since the pandemic back in March, there has been much discussion regarding and what is the best strategy for companies to convey their key messages, product launches, corporate news, if at all, during the COVID-19 crisis. Certainly a few things have changed. Getting Your News Out Early on most companies rightly deferred distributing [...]

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Quell-Inspired Emojis Help Us Celebrate #EmojiDay

What happens when your messages need some extra pizzazz, or spice, or fun? Add emojis! ??? Although the silly, supplemental symbols are relatively new in the digital age, these characters have made a lasting impression. From multiple variations of laughing to showing mega-frustration, emojis capture a user’s feelings in a fun way, whether subtle and [...]

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