Everyone knows about the potential cost benefits of timeshares; some know about fractional ownership of private aircraft, but few know about a cost savings option in marketing: an outsourced CMO.

The benefits of an outsourced CMO are readily apparent:

  • Access to strategic vision and planning that may be beyond the financial means of many organizations
  • Securing mature assistance and direction for development of a branding or marketing plan with supporting budget and tactical activities
  • Providing junior team members with a mentor who can support and guide their professional activities and growth within the company
  • Delivering a full suite of integrated communications services without adding overhead

As mid-sized companies balance investment in marketing with next steps in their growth, many are good candidates to consider an outsourced chief marketing officer. Strategic planning and marketing support are key elements to expansion, but do they require the cost of full-time support at your organization?

On careful reflection, many organizations realize that they need initial strategic support and planning, but do not require the full-time assistance (or expense) of a CMO. Capital is a precious resource and being able to conserve cash flow for capital improvements or R&D is just as important as telling the market about your product or service.

The result is that many companies have found that outsourcing the CMO function on a part-time basis to a seasoned professional or an agency is a more effective use of available capital. By partnering with an agency to ‘share’ CMO-level expertise, they acquire an invaluable addition to the team at a fraction of the cost, securing valuable skills without the accompanying salary and benefits package.

Working with an integrated brand communications firm such as The Quell Group secures access to strategic talent on an as-needed basis; we offer a full continuum of marketing support, from brand development and market positioning to media outreach. Our staff overhead is spread across multiple clients, reducing the overall cost burden for your organization.

We’re aware of a few organizations operating in SE Michigan that are using an outsourced model to great effect. The combination of ‘on-demand’ access to top marketing talent who understands how to implement the CEO’s strategy and cost savings is, for some organizations, the right next step to supporting their growth trajectory during periods of financial uncertainty.

Your organization may benefit from using an outsourcing model. It provides access to needed talent – strategic and tactical – while keeping capital free for other investments than can also assist in building your business.

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