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Unknot. Align. Market.® – That’s the foundation of Quell, and it has made us one of the top integrated marketing communications firms around. Our registered process is often emulated but never replicated. And our continued growth is a testament to the success of our process and our ability to solve the most challenging and sophisticated communications needs and issues facing our clients.

The Quell Group was built on nontraditional thinking, sterling execution and highly responsive client service. Today, the market reveres us for our strategy, creativity and integrated brand communications programs. Inside our doors, you will find a vast body of work that encompasses global, national and regional clients within multiple industries.

Our highly skilled professionals work in the integrated marketing communications ­world and effectively manage the seamless use of branding, public relations and digital communications.

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Happy, empowered and engaged

“Starting in an entry-level role at Quell, I have been given various opportunities to learn and grow professionally in the marketing industry. Working in a collaborative environment has allowed me to develop my skills in various aspects of branding, marketing and PR, and the Quell team has been supportive of my growth as a young marketing professional.”

Emma H.

“The fact that management gets their hands dirty on a daily basis with the rest of us does a few things: it keeps the owners very in touch with the business, adds to the entrepreneurial spirit and sets the tone for the collaborative team.”

Pat R.

“It’s extremely rewarding to work with such an accomplished team and such great clients. It makes it possible to take new and exciting creative challenges and turn them into successes.”

Eric R.

“The thing I love most about working at Quell is the encouragement I’ve received to challenge myself, learn new skills, and work in partnership with the entire team. Working in administration, I had been used to hiding behind the scenes; at Quell, I’ve been given the opportunity to participate and thrive.”

Ann S.

“I started at Quell in an entry-level position, but due to the nature of the work, was offered many experiences and opportunities to grow and succeed in my career. At Quell, the work is varied so you can become very well-rounded in all facets of marketing and branding.”

Chelsea K.

“This has been such a great first job after college and I truly have learned a lot.”

Kendall R.

Open Positions

If you’re ready to work in a highly strategic and creative environment, then take a look at our career opportunities and send your resume to

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Why Work with Quell?

We motivate, recognize and celebrate success. Here are some ways we give back to you:

  • Competitive pay
  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • FSA Flex 125 plan
  • Paid holidays and time off
  • 401k
  • Financial literacy and money management resources
  • Mentoring program and regular access to executives
  • Exposure to all facets of marketing
  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Pet-friendly workplace
  • Q-Snaps rewards program
  • Office events, lunches and teambuilding activities
  • Volunteering and charitable opportunities
  • Offices located near parks, restaurants, and retail