Project Description

Introducing Erich Jaeger to the North American Heavy-Duty Truck Market

Erich Jaeger, the leading European manufacturer of tractor-trailer towing cables and sockets planned to establish a presence in the North American heavy-duty market and to drive early sales.

Erich Jaeger had little to no brand recognition in this market, a difficult-to-pronounce German name, and formidable competition. The Quell Group responded with a data-driven strategy of creating a distinctive new retail brand, product brand names and messaging that would resonate with independent truck drivers as well as fleets. The brand name Road Tough™️ was created.

Quell rolled out the brand through integrated marketing services, including establishing the Road Tough logo and website, as well as supporting sales by mounting an Amazon store presence, generating 804,000 impressions and increasing sales orders on Amazon by 243% during the campaign. Public relations, trade show support, collateral, banners, videos, social media and targeted Facebook and LinkedIn awareness campaigns furthered the new brand’s impact and reach.