Healthcare Branding

PR & Digital Services

Delivering creativity that grabs, content that compels and market-know-how that drives engagement for the practices, providers and innovators shaping the future of healthcare.

Every service, professional, and technology in today’s healthcare landscape is subject to the buyer’s choice. When a clinician chooses the best medical device, or a consumer selects their primary care practice, what factors influence their choice? Marketing for healthcare means driving awareness, encouraging consideration and ultimately creating preference for your brand.

The constantly changing healthcare industry creates new options and more choices every day, which requires an experienced, agile and creative team to deliver the healthcare communications campaigns that can drive engagement for your practice, organization, equipment, or clinician services.

With experience and comprehensive capabilities, The Quell Group healthcare communications team improves your opportunities for engagement through data-driven solutions that optimize your market spend:

  • Practice development and patient acquisition
  • Ambulatory services marketing
  • Patient education
  • Consumer engagement
  • Product or service branding, naming and identity
  • Product introduction and education
  • Product packaging
  • Wellness and health content
  • Service launch and promotion
  • Employee communications, culture branding

The Quell Group has worked with many leading healthcare brands and developed successful and sustainable brands and emerging technologies. Quell specializes in building strong brands through our strategic healthcare branding, healthcare PR, healthcare communications and marketing services, including:

  • Brand strategy
  • Research and data
  • Market positioning
  • Content development
  • Customer data platforms
  • Market automation
  • Digital marketing and SEO
  • Public relations and media relations
  • Healthcare advertising
  • Graphic design
  • Website and landing pages
  • Social media
  • Data analytics

The healthcare industry offers new options every day, be among the chosen. Put Quell’s healthcare branding strategists, digital experts, creative designers, content developers and media relations specialists on your team to drive the healthcare market visibility you need to attract patients, promote services, build your business and provide care for the people who entrust their health to you.

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