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Time to Rebrand? Find Out With Quell’s ’11 Signs’

As Michigan’s foremost branding company, we have been in a unique position to execute branding strategies for many different companies during the past 26 years. While every situation is different, we've uncovered 11 unmistakable signs that it’s time to rebrand. Several previews are below. 1. Your Logo is Dated [...]

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Unlocking the True Power of Your Brand

The Quell Group specializes in helping companies unlock the true power of their brand with its Unknot. Align. Market.® method. Using this rigorous process, Quell helps businesses unknot their value, align with constituents and more effectively market to those they depend on for success. While deceptively simple, Quell’s method is decidedly [...]

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Quell-Inspired Emojis Help Us Celebrate #EmojiDay

What happens when your messages need some extra pizzazz, or spice, or fun? Add emojis! ??? Although the silly, supplemental symbols are relatively new in the digital age, these characters have made a lasting impression. From multiple variations of laughing to showing mega-frustration, emojis capture a user’s feelings in a fun way, whether subtle and [...]

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Use Account-Based Retargeting to Reach B2B Decision Makers & Influencers

Buying decisions in the business-to-business (B2B) world are almost never made by one single individual. They typically involve multiple decision makers and influencers at various levels within a company, and the processes and rules around how decisions are made are often opaque even within the company itself. The challenge is that research for B2B products [...]

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8 Reasons to Hire an Agency for Social Media Management

Social Media continues to grow as a convenient and effective way to stay digitally connected with products and brands and become acquainted with new brands. A brand’s online presence, particularly on social media, is a key contributor to its success. Especially among B2C brands and more-and-more today with B2B, social serves [...]

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Four Ways to Optimize Your Next LinkedIn Campaign

LinkedIn Sponsored Content is one of the most effective ways for B2B companies to reach their target audiences. (New to LinkedIn advertising? Read our blog about why LinkedIn should be part of your strategy.) With more than 100 LinkedIn campaigns launched and managed to date, Quell's digital team has curated our top four ways to [...]

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Boost Brand Authenticity & ROI with Face Value (Puns!)

Creating greater impact for your marketing messages with face-to-face interactions Another popular brick-and-mortar closes multiple locations almost every other week it seems. With countless articles covering increased use of mobile devices, the ever-growing digital landscape and a number of e-commerce giants taking over the world, it’s no wonder marketers and PR practitioners are so focused [...]

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5 Reasons Why Every B2B Company Needs a LinkedIn Sponsored Content Strategy

Direct Correlation Between Ad Spend and Lead Volume Quell has launched a number of sponsored content programs for clients on LinkedIn over the past several years, and the benefits to every one of them have been immediate and directly proportional to the investment made. Of course, good decisions need to be made upfront on the [...]

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Back to SEO School

It’s that time of year when students are returning to campuses and classrooms, summer evenings have a bit of chill to them, and cider mills are gearing up to churn out dozens of donuts and gallons of cider for leaf peepers and tailgate parties.  It’s also the time when corporate decision-makers return from summer vacations [...]

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