Webinar Planning and Implementation Services

Can’t meet in person? Turn to The Quell Group to bring your audience together virtually.

While it may seem simple to produce a webinar, strategic missteps and technical glitches can make it difficult for your brand to recover from a failed online event. Quell’s experience in producing and promoting online events can ensure the success of your webinar in six key areas:

  1. Selecting the correct platform
  2. Establishing the optimal format
  3. Developing compelling content
  4. Training and coaching presenters
  5. Determining best event timing
  6. Driving attendance

Online Events Include

  • Live webinars
  • On-demand webinars
  • Virtual trade shows and conferences
  • Customer roundtables
  • Quarterly earnings announcements
  • Product and technology introductions
  • CEO Q&A sessions
  • Virtual focus groups
  • Virtual Product Launches

Webinar and Online Event Planning

The success of any online event is a result of conceiving and creating an event that is of value to your audience. This often requires starting the planning process at least 3-4 weeks prior to the date of the online event. Quell’s strategic planning services include:

  1. Recommendations regarding software platform(s)
  2. Establishing the optimal format for engaging and educating audiences
  3. Best practices regarding scheduling events across time zones
  4. Recommended topic for aggregating identified audience(s)

Event Promotion

Quell’s promotion of your webinar or online event is designed to get a large enough audience to meet your goals regarding engagement and lead generation. Our promotional services include:

  • One promotional email for your use with internal lists (Quell will send if current QMAP client)
  • Graphic for use with organic social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)
  • One LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign with ad creative and link to registration page for 5-6 audience segments
  • Source tracking for all promotional channels (if available with registration platform)
  • Management and optimization of LinkedIn campaign with conversion tracking (if available with registration platform)
  • Registration reports with lead follow-up information

Event Production

Quell’s event services involve managing the execution of your event from start to finish, including:

  • Setup of registration landing page on chosen event platform
  • Reminder emails to registered attendees
  • Follow-up emails to attendees and non-attendees
  • Content and design of 15-20 slide presentation (introduction, event instructions, content, Q&A, wrap-up, thank you) with your subject matter experts
  • Moderation of the live event, including filtering and queuing of audience-submitted questions
  • Recommendations regarding physical location and technology needed for each presenter

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