Virtual Trade Shows

In the current environment, many conferences and exhibitions are converting their traditional in-person trade shows to virtual trade shows.  New to many sponsoring companies, the virtual trade show format provides an opportunity for those who can take advantage of the many tools for audience engagement and lead generation.

The Quell Group starts by developing a deep understanding of the audience for the event, the virtual trade show platform being utilized, and the specific deliverables provided in the client’s exhibition sponsorship package. Like with in-person trade shows, developing an attractive and engaging presence at the event is key, as is developing thought leadership content for the event that will be retained and shared by users, and will help to convert booth visitors into customers.

While each event and sponsorship package differs, some of the services and deliverables that we provide to our clients participating in virtual trade shows include:

  • Virtual exhibit hall ads and banners
  • Virtual booth headers and graphics
  • Company and product videos
  • Presentation materials
  • Support for virtual meetings and webinars
  • Downloadable product information
  • Pre- and post-show email marketing
  • Promotional items and other incentives
  • Gamification and immersive experiences
  • Virtual happy hours and hospitality events
  • QMAP automation and CRM tools
  • Assistance with followup
  • Engagement and lead analytics

The Quell Group did an outstanding job getting us ready for the virtual show. Real pros. Can’t say enough good things. Get to know the team, they can help!

Noel Ranka, Vice President Marketing and Strategic Planning, Kenwal Steel