At The Quell Group, our social media marketing team is here to maximize the effectiveness of your social media channels – turning likes, comments, shares and clicks into revenue for your business. Having worked with a wide range of B2B and B2C clients over the past 25 years, we’ve managed many integrated media campaigns for clients just like yours. Our top priority in social media management? To reach your intended audience effectively and with style – setting your message apart from the crowd (of your competitors!).

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A Systematic Approach to Social Media Management

Our partnership begins with a social media audit, where our team takes a close look at client social media channels and content, as well as other current digital marketing activities and brand “properties” such as website, blog, digital advertising and others. We then take a look at the competitive landscape of social media in your industry, honing in on key competitors for benchmarking of content, followership and overall effectiveness. To become leaders in the social spaces your audiences occupy, we have to know what we’re up against and how to position your content and material to achieve business goals. Only after we’ve performed an internal social media assessment and a competitor social media analysis can we apply those findings to a custom-made social media strategy, personalized for your needs.

Aligning Social Media Messaging and Strategy with Organizational Goals

As Detroit’s foremost branding, marketing and PR agency, The Quell Group is often responsible for managing clients’ entire brands, along with strategic and tactical management of their social media channels and content. This oversight provides a key advantage to our clients – by definition, we are closely tied to your organization’s strategic goals and are able to more effectively create a social media strategy in support of those goals as well as compliment your brand and all communications activities. An agency partnership also helps provide brand consistency, as Quell takes part ownership of brand messaging, logo and visual guidelines, brand personality, tone of voice one and more.

Great Social Media Content is Critical

Your organization’s social presence cannot grow among today’s social media and tech-savvy audiences without strong content, and a steady stream of it! Followers expect to see high quality, professional posts that not only inform and provide value, but also entertain them. Dynamite examples check all of the above boxes, but healthy mix of social media content includes a variety of styles as well as a mix of original content, created and written by you, as well as shared content from other outside sources, or curated content. Quell will work with your team and subject matter experts (SME) to write and create original content designed for engagement. As a social media marketing agency, efficient brainstorming, ideation and content development are services we provide to clients every day. Our Creative Team is second to none, producing exciting video, graphics and animation for clients to connect with their audiences through generate excitement and engagement.

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Social Media Reporting and Analytics

Leave the number crunching to us! When Quell manages social media for our clients, we track and monitor all social metrics, including post impressions and engagements (likes, comments and shares) within your channels. This allows us to know how we’re doing in relation to past metrics (Which way are we trending? Are we gaining followers?), and also allows us to benchmark against competitors and set goals for key metrics, post frequency, quality of content and other important factors.

Generate Sales Leads from Organic and Paid Social Media

Great content is only truly great if it satisfies your business goals, which are most likely sales driven. In order to add to lead generation via social content, posts not only generate engagement with the channel, they have to drive followers to perform trackable actions, like form fills, web visits, phone calls and other communications.

Web traffic and sales leads can be generated via organic (non-paid) social posts with tracking code, landing pages and automated forms, and sponsored social posts like LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Facebook Ads, either directed at landing pages and forms or with built-in lead capture forms on the social platforms themselves. At The Quell Group, we’ve managed hundreds of sponsored and non-sponsored campaigns and have generated over a million impressions! (Views of published content)

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Public Relations and Crisis Control

Social media allows crises to spread like wildfire across social platforms. Don’t be blindsided by PR mishaps after it’s too late to fix them. Our crisis management team will monitor your social channels, alert you to a potential crisis before it happens, and assist in developing a rapid response plan to increase crisis readiness. We’re also able to produce, update and revise timely content and messaging.

On Top of All the Latest Social Media Trends

Our social media management team is on it! Your company can leverage a wealth of knowledge within our agency, making sure you’re staying up to date on all the latest trends, producing and sharing content that resonates and represents what you’ve worked so hard to establish – your brand.

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