Distinctive and Professional Logo Design Services

Providing complete branding and logo design services for top companies in automotive, health care, manufacturing and more

Your logo plays a vital role in how your customers will perceive and remember your brand. Investing in a professional logo design company can go a long way to create a timeless design that uniquely demonstrates your value. The Quell Group’s branding services go beyond logo design services for your company or product.

Our integrated branding and communications services include:

  • Branding and positioning – research and development of your unique identity
  • Internal research to unknot your true value
  • External customer research to validate messaging
  • Messaging and positioning development, tagline writing and message maps
  • Branding and identity design work
  • And of course, professional logo design services
We are a Detroit branding company that uses the Unknot. Align. Market® process to help define your market position.

Why Hire a Professional Logo Design Company like The Quell Group?

It’s mission-critical that your logo to stands out amidst the crowd of competitors. Professional logo design services can help your company create a logo that uniquely tells your story and establishes your distinctiveness. With the right logo design services and agency like The Quell Group, your logo will be supported by a strong brand strategy, and be polished, flexible enough for digital and print use and will withstand time.

An easily recognizable and memorable logo design can contribute to your organization’s continued growth and success. Employing the psychology of color and drawing on the meaning of shape are visual elements that are incorporated in creating a unique, impactful logo design.

Partnering with a professional logo design company is an important step to ensure your logo effectively communicates your brand’s messaging and values.

Logo Development and Design is a Science, And We Are Experts

From logo designs that are intricate and complex or simple and straightforward, our experienced creative team has the expertise to transform your ideas into reality.

As a professional logo design company, our team invests the time to understand your brand and mission. We then create a logo that communicates your unique message and value proposition to customers. Digging deep to uncover hidden gems is part of our proven Unknot. Align. Market.® process that will help us develop a logo and image for your organization that shines like a beacon above the fray.

The Quell Group’s creative team has years of experience in logo development and design and has provided logo design services to global companies in automotive, health care, manufacturing, technology, professional services and other industries.

Many consumers can identify a brand just by seeing its logo. The logo design brings to mind the organization’s reputation, including its product or services, their performance and the organization’s corporate governance guidelines – all of that meaning is represented by a strategically designed artistic display that conveys an organization’s brand promise.

Our expertise in branding and logo design makes us one of the premier professional logo design companies in Detroit.

Start your logo design journey with Quell today.