Buying decisions in the business-to-business (B2B) world are almost never made by one single individual. They typically involve multiple decision makers and influencers at various levels within a company, and the processes and rules around how decisions are made are often opaque even within the company itself. The challenge is that research for B2B products and services is often done by lower-level employees – and those individual leads represent someone other than the individuals that make or influence the actual buying decision.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has arisen in recent years as an approach to target the whole account rather than traditional inbound marketing, which primarily focuses on generating individual leads.

While the ability to retarget individual website visitors with online advertising has existed for years, those audiences tend to be small with a limited ability to scale by building lookalike audiences that work for ABM. To reach all of the influencers and decision-makers at specific companies, it is far more effective to use an advertising platform such as LinkedIn Sponsored Content. But no mechanism exists to combine these capabilities to do retargeting on these key company accounts at scale.

Technology is key to making Account-Based Retargeting work. Quell’s Marketing Automation Platform (QMAP) is, for our clients, an alternative to expensive marketing automation and CRM solutions such as Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and Salesforce. An essential component of QMAP used by all of our clients is the website VisitorID functionality, which allows the identification of website visitors from their IP address to, in many cases, the company for which they work.

The Quell Group connects these separate capabilities into a complete Account-Based Retargeting program for B2B companies. By using the intelligence of actual website VisitorID data combined with a company-based LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign that delivers to the specific functions (Engineering, Purchasing, Finance, etc.), titles, or levels of seniority that defines the decision-makers and influencers, Quell has created a powerful new source of engagement and lead volume at scale. Up to 100 companies can be targeted within a single campaign selection in LinkedIn, and new prospect companies can be rotated in on a weekly or monthly basis to include those companies actively researching new products and services.

Like all LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns, the call-to-action can be to download gated content, register for a webinar or in-person event, follow your company on LinkedIn, or any other type of digital engagement. Contact Quell to find out how an ABR program can be put to reach those B2B decision makers and influencers that have the ability to say “Yes” to your products and services.