The following planning thought starters will help you prepare your exhibit and team for a better return on your trade show investment.

    Trade Show Goals and Objectives

    1. Why are you going to the show? (Prioritize from 1-5: 1 being first priority) Write sales orders
    Generate excitement around a product (new/existing)
    Increase company visibility within the industry
    Educate your audience about products and capabilities
    Generate leads for future sales
    Build your mailing list with qualified names
    Find better suppliers or partners
    Build rapport with current customers
    Recruit prospective employees
    Get press
    Research the competition
    Spot trends

    5. How will you quantify/measure achievement of your show objectives: Number of new sales leadsNumber of sales at showNumber of sales within ___ months following showNumber of demos/presentations you want to giveNumber of new contactsNumber of prospective employeesOther

    Tip: Know how you will measure success going into the show. Without measuring your return on investment, you’ll struggle to prepare for the next show.

    Messaging for Audience Impact

    Tip: Your booth is the ultimate first impression or your organization. It should immediately convey your value proposition to impact your audience.

    Delivering the Message

    Tip: Don't reprint your company brochure in your tradeshow graphics. Leave the specific information to the brochure, and design the graphics with eye catching images. The sales team is there to walk attendees through the material in a personable way.

    The Competition

    Looking Back

    About You

    The Quell Group offers trade show planning and communications expertise at every level. For more information on developing and aligning your show strategy with your goals, contact us.