Corporate Brand Positioning

Strategic Brand Positioning for Companies and Products

Positioning brands to uniquely stand out in a competitive marketplace

An impactful brand positioning strategy ensures that your organization will stand out with target audiences and in the target markets for your products or services. The right brand positioning elevates your organization to be top-of-mind with customers. The Quell Group’s brand positioning services begin with our proven Unknot. Align. Market.® branding process to define the key features, benefits and attributes that distinguish your brand from the competition, and communicate those to the market.

We are a Detroit branding company that uses the Unknot. Align. Market® process to help define your market position.

Quell’s brand positioning services include:

  • Internal research through Quell’s MarketSight™ leadership questionnaire
  • External customer research to challenge or verify your positioning claim
  • Positioning and messaging development for your company, services or products
  • Tagline and key message development
  • Development of messaging guidelines for the company
  • Spokesperson training
  • Public relations and marketing to promote your position

Why is brand positioning important and how do I approach it?

There are many critical moments when a company should revisit or redefine its brand position. For instance, when entering new markets, introducing new products, when company goals or direction significantly changes, or during a merger, acquisition, or divestiture.

Or, your company may have never strategically defined its brand position before and now is the time to better focus and improve your messaging and communications efforts aligned with your business goals.

Determining your brand position

Brand positioning always begins with thorough research. Our Unknot. Align. Market.® process is designed to do a deep dive into your brand to pinpoint your brand’s goals and rework your brand positioning to strengthen and amplify it.

Through Quell’s MarketSight™ Assessment, we conduct an in-depth immersion interview with your firm’s leaders and critical thinkers. This enables us to get to the core of your brand and understand where your strengths and vulnerabilities lie.

We Unknot your organizational culture and communications to uncover the values that guide how your team delivers on your brand promise to consumers. This includes conducting interviews with the internal team, as well as your organization’s customers.

Then, we Align your mission with your messaging and brand positioning. Our expert branding team will take this time to give your messaging and marketing materials a facelift to appropriately represent the new brand image we have identified and created.

Finally, we take your company to Market with materials and services designed to amplify your brand and its position to its fullest potential. We monitor and report on the success of your brand relaunch and make sure it all unfolds according to our strategy.

The Quell Group – Brand Positioning Experts

The Quell Group is prepared to take your organization’s brand to market with a brand that inspires trust and rises above the fray. Our team has nearly 30 years of experience directing brand positioning for organizations in many market segments, including global companies in automotive, manufacturing, health care, technology and more.

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