What happens when your messages need some extra pizzazz, or spice, or fun? Add emojis! ??? Although the silly, supplemental symbols are relatively new in the digital age, these characters have made a lasting impression. From multiple variations of laughing to showing mega-frustration, emojis capture a user’s feelings in a fun way, whether subtle and clever or outright and obvious. Their use can also grab a reader’s attention by adding a visual element to a brand’s message.

In honor of World Emoji Day on July 17th ?, the Quell team has created 1️⃣0️⃣ emojis representing all things Quell.

Of course, we had to include our well-known logo. The red Q has been a staple in our branding for over 15 years. Have you ever wondered where ‘Quell’ comes from? The name comes from ‘Niederquell’, the last name of Quell’s Founder, President and CEO, Mike Niederquell!

Every team has a mascot, and the Quell Team is no exception! Meet Finn ! He’s a 7-year-old Sheltie who is the beloved fur-baby of our CEO and COO. You can find Finn playing fetch, taking his owners on long walks and paddle boarding!

Unknot is the first of Quell’s values and the most critical step of our proprietary ‘Unknot, Align, Market’ process. We start by asking a lot of pointed questions in order to find the essence of your company, to turn into a clear brand position. We then provide surprising insights and direction.

Align is the second and most unique step in our process. We align your unique position to be in sync with those you depend on for success. At its core, it means agreement to move in the same direction with your market.

Our final step in our proprietary process is Market . We go to market with a position embraced by your audiences and a strategy to reach them – integrating the right tactics to be customer-centric, data driving and digitally savvy.

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Since 1994, Quell has been based in Troy, Michigan . We are proud to be a Metro-Detroit company and we love being a part of the Motor City !

A Quellie isn’t a Quellie without a laptop . Our devices have kept us connected during a time when we cannot be together as a team. From operating a company, to communicating effectively with clients and enjoying a virtual happy hour from time-to-time, The Quell Group wouldn’t be where we are without these machines !

The ever-lasting fuel behind The Group Group: coffee . Enough said.

Quell HQ . Our humble abode from 9-5. This is where ideation begins, creativity comes to life, and knowledge thrives. We can’t wait to be back in the office together again soon !