Content Marketing - Great Content is Channel-Proof

Content that resonates, incites action and endures should be prioritized

Back in the day, those ol’ stone tablets were not only difficult to write upon (Is that a typo?), but making copies and distributing them was pretty much out of the question. It’s funny how compelling content with no chance of rapid replication and distribution can endure and motivate across the millennia, i.e., the Ten Commandments.

Fast forward to 2020 and consider the thousands of bits of content that cross screens just like this blog every day. Not-so-funny is that most commentary and pixels that pass our eyes will not endure beyond a quick glance or a highly motivated delete button. It just isn’t relevant.

Give me a group – businesses, students, activists, clergy, your neighbor, car buffs or even those in the buff, among thousands of others – you name them; who now have something to say. Some are compelled to say it everyday. Everyone has a voice, and many have a handful of pictures, but few rarely offer us anything we really need to hear or see. Those who do have mastered aligning their voice with the needs of their constituents – their content resonates.

Great content endures, sells, motivates, moves, and helps you to be understood.

Without content of relevance, most commentary simply falls into the background of digital static. Too bad; with the potential for distribution that was unimaginable thousands of years ago, you’d think more time would be spent being meaningful. Yes, meaningful can be serious or light-hearted.

Great, meaningful content aligns you with those constituents you depend on for success; it drives people to act. It helps you, your organization, your business or your club to resonate in a positive and meaningful way.

The success of great content is not dependent on its delivery mechanism. Great content endures, sells, motivates, moves, and helps you to be understood – whether delivered by courier pigeon, Pinterest, Twitter, or whatever social channels or apps they come up with next. With nearly uncountable media outlets, it is the message that truly counts.

Oh, you do know that content endures forever in digital space. So, be remembered for saying something good and not goofy, because it could be out there 1,000 years from now.