Boost Brand Authenticity & ROI with Face Value (Puns!)

Creating greater impact for your marketing messages with face-to-face interactions Another popular brick-and-mortar closes multiple locations almost every other week it seems. With countless articles covering increased use of mobile devices, the ever-growing digital landscape and a number of e-commerce giants taking over the world, it’s no wonder marketers and PR practitioners are so focused [...]

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13 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019

2019 is here and it’s no surprise that digital marketing trends will continue to show increased engagement (with no hint declining). Email marketing in 2018 was a top tool used by marketers, and for many businesses continues to be the number one transactional tool with the greatest ROI. According to a 2018 study, 79% of [...]

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5 Reasons Why Every B2B Company Needs a LinkedIn Sponsored Content Strategy

Direct Correlation Between Ad Spend and Lead Volume Quell has launched a number of sponsored content programs for clients on LinkedIn over the past several years, and the benefits to every one of them have been immediate and directly proportional to the investment made. Of course, good decisions need to be made upfront on the [...]

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Back to SEO School

It’s that time of year when students are returning to campuses and classrooms, summer evenings have a bit of chill to them, and cider mills are gearing up to churn out dozens of donuts and gallons of cider for leaf peepers and tailgate parties.  It’s also the time when corporate decision-makers return from summer vacations [...]

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Aligning Your Organization for Digital Engagement

The acquisition of new marketing technology enables new ways of engaging with prospects and customers, but only when coupled with existing organizational capabilities. We’ve identified five areas that – when answered honestly – truly assess where an organization currently resides in their journey to digital marketing maturity: Insights & Intelligence Organizational Alignment Inbound Marketing Demand [...]

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The Impact of GDPR

Note: This information is provided as a service to clients of The Quell Group and is not intended to provide legal advice or specific guidance as to what policy changes are compliant with GDPR.  Please consult your corporate counsel or outside attorneys for specific legal advice.  Overview On May 25, 2018, the European Union (EU) [...]

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Meaningful Facebook Updates: Make the Algorithm Work for You

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the platform’s latest algorithm changes will show more personal posts and less news items in users’ feeds – thus, placing priority on content from friends and family rather than news outlets, company pages and celebrities. Instead of positioning Facebook as a one-stop resource for all information, the company is [...]

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Building Personas To Improve Engagement

Storytelling is a large component for modern marketing campaigns, as content creation has become a critical element for the buyer’s journey. Not only are marketers developing relevant content to help audiences make more informed decisions, they’re also positioning their companies as valuable resources in the digital space. On the other hand, developing content that’s [...]

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The Account Based Marketing (ABM) Approach

The Account Based Marketing (ABM) market is one of the hottest areas for marketing investments today, but there are many misconceptions about ABM – is it a technology, or a set of technologies? Or is it a new approach to digital marketing that focuses on key account behavior rather than individual engagement? The answer [...]

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