Animation is an endearing and memorable way to establish a connection and resonate with viewers. The medium is as familiar as the playgrounds of our childhoods. From the enchanting works of Disney to the raunchy adult humor of The Simpsons and Family Guy – animation has the ability to capture our complete attention and keep us thoroughly and utterly engaged.

Today’s savvy marketers understand the effectiveness of video as a useful tool to engage audiences and leverage animation’s compelling storytelling abilities to connect with viewers. Whether an animated video is informative, instructional or even emotional, the medium has a unique way of resonating with its audience.

Animation is fun and engaging

With the rise of digitization and the overwhelming acceptance of video apps like TikTok, human attention spans are on the decline. (Research even shows that the human attention span has weakened below that of a goldfish from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015.) As a result, grabbing and maintaining an audience’s attention has become more challenging. And with the vast amount of content available at each user’s fingertips, standing out from the crowd has become a greater priority.

Animated video offers an approach to capture audiences’ attention by transforming even the most mundane messages into entertainment. Through bold visuals and quick cuts between scenes, animation offers information in a way that is visually appealing and energetic and is easy for viewers to absorb and retain. Pair the animation with an engaging voiceover and your messages are sure to be more engaging, fun and memorable.

Favored by many social media platform algorithms, video content receives enormous engagement. It’s 12 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other content, including links and text. More shares of your content mean you’re reaching more potential customers and leads for your business.

Simplify complex ideas with animated explainer videos

Have you ever searched for a “How-To” or instructional video on YouTube because the written instructions were too overwhelming? Not only is visual content more entertaining for an audience, but it also improves information retention and is more quickly processed and understood than textual-based content. According to an MIT study, the human brain processes images in as little as 13 milliseconds! Think of all the content you could provide in that limited attention span.

Use an animated explainer video to present complex information and hard-to-understand concepts. It is a powerful visual tool for marketers to display messages in an entertaining way while simplifying the complex ideas or processes being addressed in the video.

Take advantage of the many visual styles and editing elements of animation to present your information in an engaging and compelling way. It can be character-driven and fun with a cartoon subject, simple and straightforward using whiteboard animations or anything in between. Keep in mind what’s best for conveying your company’s image, brand and message.

Different types of animated explainer videos include:

  • Cartoon animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Screencast videos
  • 3D animation
  • Rotoscopic animation
  • Stop motion animation

Use animated explainers to elevate sales

Effective explainer videos are user-friendly and easy to follow, making things not only easier on the buyer but your sales team as well. Sales explainer videos present your value proposition concisely to easily eliminate confusion for your potential consumers. Using animated sales pitches can also shorten the sales cycle by converting more leads and closing more deals quicker than a traditional pitch.

With explainer videos, you can demystify products for consumers to help potential customers understand your product and its benefits before making a purchase decision. Shoppers visiting product websites are 64 to 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching an explainer video. Animated pitch videos also help you avoid any chances of human error during a live presentation of complex information. Videos will ensure you get your message across without missing any important points.

Explainer videos offer an added benefit with the ability to easily showcase how you can solve your customers’ problems. An animated video can sequentially show a problem and then transition to a demonstration of your product or service as the solution. In just a minute or two, your audience will have a clear idea of your business and how it can benefit them.

Strengthen internal communications with animation

Marketers can also use animation to their advantage when sharing internal messages with staff. The animation will heighten interest in your internal communications and considerably increase employee engagement.

Animated videos for internal communications include: 

  • Onboarding videos
  • Training and safety videos
  • Company culture videos
  • Announcement or update videos
  • And more

The time you bring a new employee on the team is critical for employee engagement and retention. A 2009 study found that 86 percent of respondents felt that the decision to remain at a company long-term is made during the first six months of employment. Additionally, 69 percent of employees were reported to be more likely to stay with their employer for at least three years if they had a positive onboarding experience.

A library of animated explainer videos including how-to’s, best practices and company culture videos will equip your employees with the tools to clearly learn and understand your company’s vision, culture and goals.

Animated corporate videos also can be helpful for your more seasoned employees. Use an animated video to introduce new policies, processes, and technology to your team, or share company benefits, enrollment procedures, and time-off policies in videos that employees can share with their families.

Should you use animation for your next marketing video?

Animated videos offer a unique way to grab and keep your customers’ attention. Why not include one in your next marketing campaign? The Quell Group can augment your marketing tactics with compelling animated videos that resonate with your customers. We’d love to work with you! Contact us today.