Social Media continues to grow as a convenient and effective way to stay digitally connected with products and brands and become acquainted with new brands.

A brand’s online presence, particularly on social media, is a key contributor to its success. Especially among B2C brands and more-and-more today with B2B, social serves as a legitimizer as much as an information source. Savvy social users are quickly able to gauge the popularity of a brand (and subsequently their own perception of it) based on quick glances at stats like number of followers and number of engagements on each post – likes, comments, shares, etc.

Quell’s digital team has come up with eight reasons why your brand would benefit from an agency, like Quell, to manage your social media channels and content.

1. Alignment with Organizational Goals

The most important reason to have an agency partner in social media management is that an agency like Quell is often responsible for the stewardship of the overall brand. This means it can create a social strategy and that will support an organization’s strategic goals, complement its brand, and reinforce other communications activities.

2. Brand Personality and Consistency

In order for your audience to remember your brand name and products, you have to create a recognizable, unique and consistent brand look and messaging. Staying ‘on brand’ means that followers know what to expect in regards to tone of voice, information presented, graphic styles and imagery, etc.

Is your brand ‘voice’ fun? Informative? Serious? Snarky? Your target audience will often dictate your possible range of personality types, and it never hurts to do some preliminary surveying to gauge reactions to potential styles and tones. Remember, too, that variety can keep things interesting, but big shifts in tone or character should be done sparingly. It takes discipline, but setting guidelines and managing through a single source like a marketing agency helps with consistency.

3. Metrics: Reporting and Recommendations

When Quell manages social media, we track and monitor all metrics, including impressions and engagements (likes, comments and shares) within your channels. This information allows us to not only know how we’re doing in relation to past metrics (Are we trending up? Are we gaining followers?), but it also allows us to benchmark against competitors. Many times, we can know what results to expect in a given industry based on competitor metrics and this will help set goals for key metrics, post frequency, quality of content and other important factors.

4. Content, Content, Content!

Without a steady stream of interesting and valuable content, your social channels cannot attract more and more followers who expect frequent information, especially in today’s fast-paced digital world we live in. An agency team can provide efficient brainstorming, ideation and content development, due to our agency resources. With the help of subject matter experts (SME) and client discussions, we write and create engaging, original content for your brand.

Equally as important as written content is accompanying visuals. Exciting video, graphics and animation are today’s standard, and Quell’s interactive graphics team creates these visuals in alignment with a brand’s overall standards.

5. Lead Generation

What good is all this great content if it’s not driving followers to your website and calls to action? A great digital and branding agency not only creates great content, but produces tangible results in the form of web traffic, form fills and qualified leads. This is done through a combination of organic social posts with tracking code, landing pages and automated forms, and sponsored social posts like LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Facebook Ads. At The Quell Group, we’ve managed hundreds of sponsored campaigns and generated nearly a million impressions – or sets of eyeballs on clients’ brands.

6. Crisis Control

A crisis spreads quickly on social media. You don’t know it’s coming until it’s too late. Our crisis management experts have the tools to monitor your channels, identify potential crises and help you develop a rapid response plan. We’re also there when you need to quickly update, revise and tailor content to your time-specific needs. Think of Quell as your one-stop crisis shop!

7. Current Trends

A great digital marketing and social media agency is deeply entrenched in all the latest social trends. At Quell, our team is no exception. We’ll make sure your brand is staying up to date with all current social media trends, matching great content that resonates with your audience and published on the channels they visit. Your content, your brand personality, your products and services – ALL will stand out against your competition in order to differentiate and grow your followers.

8. We’re Great at What We Do

Agencies specialize in wowing clients with great content, great service, and most important, great results! Through our broad spectrum of clients ­­­over the past 25 years, our team brings an experienced, wide range of perspectives with one goal in mind – to ensure your social media will reach your intended audience as well as impress them time and again. Our systematic approach involves a social media audit and competitive analyses, culminating in a highly personalized social media strategy to fit your specific needs.

Before you go! See our Social Media Management page for more information on our process and capabilities.

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